Everything That You Have To Know About The Indian Culture


Everything That You Have To Know About The Indian Culture

India is one country with a lot of varying traditions and cultures. India is also a country that is hailed for the practice of unity in diversity. People of different ethnicities, culture and religion live here together peacefully. For the same reason, India is a bit complex to define. There is nothing called generalisation in India. Right from simple things like food to complex things like the language that they speak, everything is unique. Just because you have learnt something new about the country you cannot have it applied to the whole nation. So here are some of the interesting things that you have to know about the Indian tradition.

Temples teach you perfect science:

Though India is country with a lot of religions in it, the most prevalent region, there is it is Hinduism. The holy places of the people of the Hindu religion are called temples. These temples are one places that perfectly tell us the significance of the architecture and the evolution of science in it. The temples are built in such a way that they fall in perfect line with the gravity which attracts positive energy. Most of the idols that are placed in the temple have a copper plate that also attracts positive.

The traditional wear: Saree

The saree that is the traditional wear of the country is something that we have to speak about definitely. This is because most of the costumes that different people who belong to different countries wear have gone global. We have been exchanging traditions, and we have been enjoying the varying culture. However, if there is one culture that strictly pertains to this country, then it is the saree. It is long clothing that is draped around the body. It has different forms of draping.

Joint Family system:

Despite all odds, if there is one thing that is purely Indian and exists across the country even today, then it is the concept of the joint family system. This is not a system that is widely practised anywhere, and people are already living life is a nuclear and small space. Though times are changing, and not every family in India is a joint family, there are still a lot of families that praise the values of the joint family system.



Different forms of dance:

India is a country with people have a lot of cultural differences, and that is the reason why there are also a lot of dances. There are almost about 29 states in the country, and almost every state has a national dance and it quite hard to understand the dance forms sometimes. There are almost 20 dance forms in India and them about 8 dance form are globally renowned and are practised across the world.


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